Services Offered at Storm Aeronautics:

Storm Aeronautics is an FAA approved repair station number MU2R018L.  We have a long history in ag aircraft maintenance but are expanding our capabilities with new CNC equipment which allows us to manufacture more precise parts.

Restorations and Rebuilds

The history of the Ag Cat is a long and storied one. First designed in 1957 by Grumman, it was the first aircraft specifically designed for ag aviation. Grumman took their engineering knowledge of designing and building durable military fighter aircraft and integrated this into a spray plane. This plane would be designed around the bi plane platform which would create a safer more durable platform for the pilot. It would also allow for more efficient operation off of rough unimproved air strips. The last Ag Cat manufactured new was in 1996.

Storm Aeronautics has the ability and a long history of rebuilding and restoring Ag Cats. We can either take your existing Ag Cat, tear it down to the frame and build it back like new, or we can work with you over a period of time to produce a like new restoration of an Ag Cat. We can also supply you with kits and parts to rebuild your own Ag Cat. I have often said….I don’t think there is an Ag Cat in the world without at least one Storm Aeronautics part in it.

Heavy Maintenance for all Ag Aircraft

Frame, Wing, and Empennage Repair

Storm Aeronautics can assist you with extensive repairs on your Ag Aircraft. We are an FAA Approved Repair Station MU2R018L that specializes in Ag Cats but if your Air Tractor, Piper, or Cessna needs repairs feel free to give us a call.

Hopper and Fiberglass

Storm Aeronautics has you covered. We offer a wide variety of fiberglass parts including fully built hoppers for all Ag Cat Models.

STC Modifications/Alterations

Need more Fuel, Raised Wing Kits, Stainless Steel Belly Skin, We have the ability to modify or alter your Ag Cat with a variety of Storm Aeronautic owned STC modifications. We are also expanding our STC capabilities into other aircraft with such products as the Storm Cutters™ and Storm Shield™.


Part Description STC#
15.5 Gallon Auxilliary Fuel Tank SA32NW
Main Landing Gear Leg SA431CH
Stainless Steel Belly Skins SA00009W
Tail Landing Gear Spring SA00711CH
Rudder Servo Kit SA00881CH
Aileron Servo Kit SA1754GL
Conversion of Vertical Fin & Rudder SA2226CE
Hershey Wing Tips SA254CE
Wing Fuel Tanks SA2271CE
Installation of Model B Wings SA2273CE
Elevator Servo Kit SA3077WE
Widen Fuselage Hopper (Fat Cat) SA3645SW
Centerline Vertical Stabilizer SA5923SW
Wire Cutter (Air Tractor 300-800 Series) SA01745WI


Part Description PMA #
Tail Wheel Fork Swivel (Shaft) H1563-1
Tail Wheel Fork Swivel (Plug) H1563-3
Axle Assembly Tail Wheel H1593-3 & H1593-9
Shaft Tail Wheel Swivel Latch H1578-3
Anchor Tail Wheel Steering H1878-101
Tail Wheel Fork Assembly H1574-5
Tail Wheel Fork Bushing HGB10A-10-10
Tail Wheel Spring Piper Brave 5389101-1 (Piper P/N 97625-000)
Tail Landing Gear Spring H50857-1 (Weatherly P/N 50875-1)



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