Storm Cutters

We are proud to announce Storm Cutters from Storm Aeronautics.

Three years of research and development have gone into the unique design of Storm Cutters to create a safer platform for both plane and pilot. These FAA approved STC (#SA01745WI) wire cutters are the newest advancement in wire cutter technology. The blade has been heat treated to a level of 61 Rockwell Hardness equal to the hardness of a file or chisel. Spacer blocks have been positioned at five points along the blade to increase strength and stabilize the blade in case of a wire strike. Adel clamps positioned along the trailing edge of the landing gear secure the brake line and do away with the standard black zip ties currently used to secure the brake line. Storm Cutters are now available for all models of Air Tractors, 300-800 series. This is yet another advancement in safety for the ag aviation industry. Storm Cutters “Saving Lives…..One Set at a Time.”

Jared Storm 2016 NAAA Puffer Award Winner for Storm Cutters.